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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Sherry Warschaw and I have been working as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Encino, California for over nineteen years. I help individuals cope with  depression, anxiety, panic attacks, poor self esteem, womens issues, pain management, chronic and life threatening illnessess; couples with pre-marital, marital and divorce issues; and families with  parenting and step-parenting concerns.  Many of my own life-changing experiences have led me to a specialty in Major Life Changes and Bereavement Counseling in which I help my clients heal, find meaning, and eventually move on without forgetting their losses. 

Loss is an inevitable part of our lives however we each experience the journey in very unique ways. The goals in working through grief are not to avoid or bypass the emotional turmoil resulting from your loss but to work through the stages of grief and increase resiliency.

When we think of loss, it is most often associated with the death of a beloved person.  However, you or someone you know may be struggling with the end of a relationship, loss of health, job burnout and layoffs, aging and infirmed parents, negative beliefs about your own aging process, difficulty becoming pregnant,  parenting issues, children leaving home for the first time or having to return for monetary reasons, death of a pet and several other life transitions.  Each and every one of these major life transitions is important and should not be considered too small or insignificant to examine. 

Through listening well, offering compassion, support and education, it is my commitment to help you understand and accept the powerful emotions you are feeling and learn new ways of coping.  You will be encouraged to restore healthful living habits such as setting a regular schedule for going to sleep and getting rest, making healthful food choices per your doctor and/or nutritionist, attending scheduled medical appointments and maintaining or creating a support system outside of therapy.

Although I cannot make any promises about the effectiveness of psychotherapy, there are well-designed studies that document such benefits as a person's moods lifting from depression, fear, anger, anxiety and improved relationships as a result of learning more effective ways of communicating.  In therapy you will have an opportunity to talk things out fully until your feelings are relieved or the problems are resolved. I am hopeful about the healing process and will enter our relationship with optimism about your ability to eventually find joy and meaning in your life.

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